Saturday, February 23, 2008

Future Stanford Alumni

Here's to a great education. Check out all of the pictures on a slideshow, click the lil i and you might get a message.

Triple Threat - learning to dive?

Soar like an airplane after you score
I think I pulled a muscle
Goal for me
one for all and all for one

work photos from Stanford - check out the slideshow


  1. The girls are getting so big! I had to do a double-take at one of Peyton's pictures to make sure it was her.

  2. Very cool Architecture/Painting's at Stanford. Wow! I've never been there. Looks like a beautiful campus. What's with the hanging from the tree??

    Even though I see the girls all the time, they look so different to me in photos. Looks like Bianca's teaching them "the wave" pretty early. Peyton's eyes look so green in these photos. Cute as ever!