Sunday, February 17, 2008

Since I've been home

I took Valentines Day off and spent the entire morning and afternoon with Sydney and Peyton. We didn't sleep in, but we played in our PJ's for a lil while, ate breakfast, had a visit with Nana and Papa, then went to get lunch and to the park and played.... Sydney wasn't very friendly with the other kids.. her new words are "go away" So she didn't make any new friends. Mostly the girls raced up the stairs and down the slide... ate apple slices on the way to pick Bianca up from school and then napped before we picked Bianca up. We had intended on a short visit with Bianca's favorite teachers, but instead I was left sitting in the car with sleeping babies and the warm sunshine upon my face...

For Valentines Dinner Ben and I went to dinner with Steven and Joan - we went to Cattlemans - none of us have ever been there. It was really good. We had some steak nacho's for appetizers, some shrimp cocktail, and I had a midori margarita - YUMMY... Ben had coke - hold the Jack... Everyone enjoyed their drinks... I think the favorite was the midori sours.... Joan, Ben and I all enjoyed Filet Mignon... Joan had some mashed potatoes and some special sweet potato... (ugh) I had the baby red potatoes and Ben had baked potato. Steven had a shrimp dinner... the desserts were amazing - Joan had some fabulous cookie with ice cream and chocolate. Steven had death by chocolate cake... Ben had a mocha chocolate cake and I had strawberry NewYork cheesecake (it was huge). We brought home some steak nachos and dessert for the kids. (mocha chocolate cake was a big hit with the kids... Ben mostly liked the cheesecake and I had a couple bites of his dessert) YUM

It's been so beautiful. We've spent as much time outside as we can, going for walks, the park, or just playing on the patio - and we now have landscaping in the backyard.... well sprinklers and grass to go along with the patio... Next week we'll be able to play on the grass.

Here are a few pictures.

out for a walk - I love the pink and green together

kisses for my valentine

I'm gonna catch you

Daddy and the girls fall behind - Sydney wants to hold hands too, but Peyton loves having her hand in her pocket.

the grass is in... now we need some lil soccer goals and we're gonna have some fun


  1. Sarah Beth2:00 PM

    Wow.. the back yard looks great!! Sounds like you have had a fun week and a yummy dinner, lucky you. B told the girls you went to see The Eye, I can't wait to hear how it was. We saw Fool's Gold, cute..corney, boring at times.Oh well. Miss talking with ya..

  2. Looks fabulous! What does Kallie think? Sounds like an awesome day! Wish we could take advantage of that sun! :(