Wednesday, February 20, 2008

San Jose City College

Today we headed for the JC in San Jose - the toolkits and moodlights went like wildfire, the students were excited to have us there and excited about the give aways - I'm hoping that a few of them actually qualify for readyreturn. There were some students that hadn't filed and couldn't wait to go home and check to see if their return was actually ready...

Did you see what the governor did.....yets.. a freeze - I'm thinking I'm gonna be stuck in this job for way to long... don't get me wrong... I love what I'm doing right now... but come April... I'll be back in my old desk, with the old gang and I won't be happy - now is that anyway to think about the future? a gloomy outlook... No, your right.... where's the optomistic side... have I gone to the dark side?

On a positive note..... I slept like a baby without it's mama.... I wonder if the babies missed me this morning.... Ben didn't call me, and I figured that meant everything was great for him.... as for me... I was a lil teary eyed.... I miss those beautiful faces when I wake up, the way they call out for me to rescue them from the black iron gate that keeps them safe during the night.... or at least makes me feel they are safe - no falling down the stairs half asleep.

Peyton took a tumble down the stairs on Monday... I was sitting on the bottom couple steps and putting shoes on Sydney when I heard the roar and felt the stairs shake.... She was fine, scared more than anything.... good think i was sitting there and broke her fall - the tile can be unforgiving.

So I'm having some tea....and waiting to make some phone calls....


  1. Yes, thank goodness you were there! That must have been scary for you too.

  2. Anonymous7:21 AM

    So you are dreading coming back to the old gang...huh? Well we hate you too! I guess now is a good time to tell you that we gave away your desk to someone who actually appreciates being around us. Plus we gave all your stuff away too.