Tuesday, February 19, 2008

San Jose State University

there were scheduled showers for this afternoon, but they ended up showering us with love around 9 am... Yes we stood in the rain and handed out toolkits for ReadyReturn - boy was I glad when it was time to go home... We speard the news about readyreturn near the art department and I got some great pics - Went for a walk in the rain.... saw my uncle Rick out with some clients... (he lives in Walnut Creek) random thought. the walk turned into a jog, it was refreshing We had a late lunch at Spagetti Factory - then Vangie and I worked out at the gym. I did the eliptical and the treadmill.... wait I did the treadmill first - then I went back to the room and climbed into my fancy robe and laid on the bed and took a nap.... I slept about an hour and it felt really good. i was rejuvenated for my dinner with Ashley.

I haven't seen Ashley since she graduated... (from Santa Clara University) in 2003 - it's been five years... WOW I didn't even realize it had been that long, but we picked up like we'd never missed a beat - though catching up takes some time... we laughed and shared stories and ate japanese... I had sushi, she had a combo plate. the dinner was good, the company was the best. We asked the waitress to take some pictures of us.... she didn't do so hot... so we pulled up to the hotel and I saw Theresa (from work) and asked her to snap some pictures of us... and she did... she took some pictures, but they didn't turn out... she took some of the building behind us, one of a man passing by... the top of our heads... Ashley and I cracked up.... I almost peed I laughed so hard.... it was a long goodbye, lots of hugs... we had a great visit and I can't wait til we get together again. I only wish I had great pictures of her and I -


  1. okay, seriously? you just "ran" into your Uncle? Your story sounds so humourous. I can't believe you caught up 5 years in just THAT sitting! AND you had time for a workout and a nap? Well, the rain is definitely here now...infact I think my settling down tonight might be next to the noisy rain gutter in the living room on the couch (nope, not comfortable, but perhaps I'll sleep better). My nose isn't the only thing dripping tonight!

    Where to next? I'm afraid nothing will compare to the plushness of San Jose. LOL.

    Stay safe!

  2. oh lord these must be the pics that the person took of you or err the buildings lol