Tuesday, February 19, 2008

St Claires - Day 1

We're here.... the hotel is beautiful The Saint Claire- featherbeds, lots of feather pillows - the ones I love. Big down filled comforters - they even sell these featherbeds, pillows, comforters.... and robes.... So I danced around in my beautiful silk robe, played air guitar on the bed and then was -shot through the heart - and your to blame.... it's been great.
(my room)
Vangie and Lee at dinner
Robert, Theresa and Vangie after a long day of work
I went to dinner at Il Fornaio with Theresa (early) I had shell pasta with chicken, broccoli, sundried tomatoes, garlic and some wine sauce. The bread was my favorite part of dinner. I wanted dessert but decided I'd wait for Vangie and Lee to get to the hotel.... They arrived about 8:00 and I met them downstairs for dinner at Il Fornaio again.... ~lmao~ I really wanted Tiramisu - but didn't want the caf to keep me awake all night so I settled on more bread and some minestrone soup - Yes I was starving at 8 pm... I didn't eat all of my first dinner (could explain it). We chatted and enjoyed dinner then I ran up to my room and got warm in my robe and throw blanket (when I get home I'll post some pics - this laptop doesn't have a plug or anything to assist me in posting pics). I fell asleep watching the last few minutes of My dad is better than your dad....

Off to SJSU today and rain is in the forecast

more pics


  1. Ahh, wow! Such treatment you're receiving...seems like all a dream! Il Fornaio is where we have our Company Xmas Party Dinner every year. Yummy stuff! I'd like to try just their bakery/cafe stuff sometime.

    I gave Ben the invites yesterday, hopefully he gets them out. Bianca helped me stamp them; Dominic licked the envelopes. They're ready to go!

    Sounds like the little ones are coming down with something. :( You stay healthy, cuz we're passing it around like wild fire (I feel miserable today).

    I guess you got a much needed night's sleep...way to go!

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I can not wait to see you flailing around with your air guitar. I bet that would be such a wonderful sight.