Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold Turkey

Who said Cold Turkey is the best way to go? Well I nursed the babies around 630 on Friday morning and went all day long without seeing them. I picked them up about 830 in the evening and we went straight home... usually I nurse the babies 3 to 4 times a day... I had gone all day, and I was sore... and yes... I nursed them when I got home... it was short and sweet.... and everyone was happy. So I think 2 times a day for right now... and that way the milk stops producing and I won't have as hard a time when I'm full....

Bianca and I took Kallie to puppy training today... it was great. There were lots of BIG HUGE GERMAN SHEPHERDS... and a few other dogs.... the big dogs (older) were doing the dog protection training.. it was awesome to watch..... In our puppy class there was Piper (visson - hungarian pointer dog), Riley (yellow lab), Kallie (german shep), Alexis (german shep) and Jaco (german shep). the dogs all played for awhile... it was fun to watch them them run around the puppy yard... then we talked and talked... and then worked on sit..... that was the extent.... it was more of a socialization for the first class... next week we'll see what happens.

We have Athena's bday today..... Chuck E Cheese.... I thought they got rid of that place... DARN IT


  1. LOL..How was Chuch E Cheese...did you have a wonderful time? Miss you!!

  2. I don't know how anyone can quit things "cold turkey"! Good call! Is the reduced sessions working? Sydney seemed to be in great spirits yesterday.

    How old is Kallie now? That's great to see she can relate with some of her classmates. I bet she hasn't seen one of her own kind for quite a while. She probably loved that. Hope she's a Star Student!