Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chaotic Tuesday -

(cut and pasted version)
Good Morning - at least I want to pretend it's been a good morning. So that's why I'm starting off with it....

The babies are absolutely nuts.... Sydney wakes up and the first thing she wants to do is potty.... her diaper is pretty wet, but nothing newly wet... So i put her on the potty and she sits for about 3 minutes, Peyton is talking to her and I'm trying to get ready. I had just got out of the shower and was trying to get dressed at least... I put a clean diaper on Syd and she refuses anything but her PJ pants... so i put them back on and they want milk.... okay yeah I know someday I'm gonna stop nursing... I keep asking myself what I was thinking by nursing them for so long... okay because everyone thought I was insane or didn't think I could nurse... so yes... I had to prove them wrong.. and now I can't stop.... I honestly need to go away for a weekend so my milk can dry up and then all i can tell them is that it's gone.... ~lmao~

okay so i nurse them quickly and then get back to getting ready.... then Peyton decides she needs to pee, Sydney needs to wash her hands, peyton doesn't potty, she needs to wash her hands, they want lotion, they are yelling and screaming because they want MORE lotion.... I'm getting nowhere fast... so I break and start to get them dressed... Peyton is done.. and then Sydney says she needs to Potty again.... so I take her diaper off.... and she's already pooped.. and the lil pellets go all over the tile in the bathroom.. at least it wasn't messy... but she still wants to sit on the toilet... So i put her up there... and she yells that she wants toilet paper, and then she wants a Kandoo.... and she doesn't want to get up... she must sit there about 6 minutes ~cries~

Finally I get her cleaned up, and dressed.. and she is mad the entire time, cuz she wanted to sit on the toilet longer...

Now we are going downstairs... they are dressed.... I'm sitting at the bottom of the steps putting socks on Peyton... Sydney is still crying.... wanting UP... I am getting their cheerios ready, Syd is wanting up still and screaming... tear slide down her cheeks.. I ask Peyton to please get their shoes out of the closet... I know there one pair of black shoes in the car and one pair of those darn light up shoes in the car... So I ask her to get the pink shoes from the closet... she does.. but she sees ONE of those light up shoes (can't find the other one) she is digging in the closet, I'm trying to get my lunch made and Syd is still screaming.... I console her for a moment or two.. and then back to getting my stuff all together on the island.... - I NEED TO DO THIS THE NIGHT BEFORE -

Im trying to put the pink shoes on Peyton, she's wanting that light up shoe... i'm going crazy... i just know it... I finally get Sydney socks and shoes on her feet.. Peyton now has her socks off.. she finds a white sock.. she wants that... I have pink socks for her... I don't give in... there is only one white sock that she found... I put the pink socks and shoes on her and then I have to run upstairs to do their hair.. I forgot... up and down the stairs two more times.. I tell them lets go see Kallie... and finally Syd stops crying... HOORAY... they talk to Kallie.. and I run and get the stuff from the island.. MINUS my lunch.... ~pouts~

ten minutes later I have the girls in the car and drive away.. but wait.. I forgot my sunglasses and badge. I drive around the corner and back home and pick the stuff up and go... I get to sharons and realize I left my lunch.... it's now 9 o clock... I drop the kids off.. tell sharon about my morning and night... well at least the part where the girls take off PJS and diapers and run around their room and won't go to bed.... then i drive home.. in the FOG.. there is MORE FOG.... get my lunch and get back to work at 10... I'm exhausted....


  1. Just when I was thinking I wanted twins... LOL just kidding. You're amazing to be taking care of three kids with two under two!

  2. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I was just waiting for you write that either Sydney or Peyton took off their diaper and smeared it on the walls. Those little girls were possessed that morning.

  3. HEY! Love the new header!!! Fun! It's about time to update mine too.

  4. Sarah Beth5:14 PM

    Hey, that story sounds familiar ~wink~ I love the new header on your page. How did you do it? Looks great!!