Thursday, January 17, 2008

On3 vs Sweet Spot

So today was my debut playing soccer on On3.... We played the hardest team in the A Division.... and what was I thinking... coming back after 4 years to play on an A Division Team??? I wasn't thinking really....

So I'm running late to the game... packing the kids in the truck... and Ben grabs my silver/white Nike90's... I haven' worn those shoes since I was pregnant with Kyle.. They are like new... I wore them for a season - 8 games... I was debating on wearing my rubber soled adidas or my turf shoes (the Nike90's) anyhow.. we are driving to the soccer fields... and I'm putting on my socks and shoes.. and the shoes are hurting my feet.. my TOES are cramped in those shoes... but I have no other shoes to wear... So I suck it up... cuz WTH else can I do...

I play left half, then I move to center half, then over to right half.... We have three subs.. so I sub a few times... I go for a header... a girl pushes me in the back and instead of hitting the ball with my head.. it's more like my face... Ben and the girls are watching from the stands... Sydney is crying, Peyton is yelling Go Mommie... it's quite cute.. but there was lots of crying because being so close to mama and not having her come to pick you up or kiss you... well they don't understand how they are usually number one and instead of rushing to their needs, I'm chasing a ball. One girl on the other team had the nerve to say SHUT UP ALREADY. When I sub out.. I visit with the kids and they are happy again. Ben and Bianca take them to the park.

Then after the half.. I'm playing right defender (fullback) I'm anything but a fullback... but how hard can it be to stand in front of the ball when they shoot and keep them away from the goal... Not very hard.. "well done Kristie" but at some point while playing back there I stop and try and switch direction and my toe smashes into the front of my shoe and someone steps on it.. There was no room for my toe to go in the first place.. UGH.... I tough it out for a bit then sub... I think my toenail is broken....I get cold on the sideline... but then I move back to center mid, and end up playing up quite a bit... but we lose 4-0...

after the game.. my feet are killing me and i can't wait to get those shoes off... My toes are PURPLE...the nails are purple Seriously I can cry they hurt so bad.. but my right toe hurts the worst - okay I really did cry... I'm a big baby. I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.. and if I can.. what shoes will I wear??????????????

So this morning my right toe is still purple and sore.. my left toe feels alright... at least I slept. I am wearing my blue/white adidas today... I checked the size... 8... i check the size of the Nike90's... 6.5.... yes... you read that correctly. No wonder my feet are killing me...


  1. Kristie, WTH??? 6.5???? Um, so your feet grew that much in, uh, 3 years? Burn those babies!

    Anything else sore? Or perhaps you can't tell, and your focus is only on your feet right now??

    OH....I'm speechless...

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Wow Mom and Yes it is me your oldest (11) Bianca. 6.5 to an 8? OMG! I will have a serious talk with you later young lady! lol

  3. Sarah Beth6:47 AM

    Kristie, Kristie, Kristie.. OMG my feet hurt for you!!! :(( You go ahead and cry, I want to cry for you. Nothing is worse than toe pain!! Hugs for you!!!