Monday, January 14, 2008

weekend update

Peyton started the weekend off great... She used the big girl toilet at grandma's house and then again at home. Sydney has been using the toilet all week long. She's doing awesome. She only had one wet diaper on Saturday. Then Sunday came along and I was gone all day long and so she used the potty a few times with grandma but mostly I think she used her pull ups... Darn

anyhow I had a long day on Saturday. I woke up at 545 and got ready for my drive to Walnut Creek. I met up with my cousin at church and then after that we went to his confirmation meeting/class. We left the church at 12:30 and met up with our grandma for lunch. It was nice to hang out and talk for a little bit. Then I rushed home to see the kids before I had to get to my Sharing Parents Meetings. I spent about 45 minutes with the kids and then off to the meeting. Got home about 730 and spent a little bit of time with the kids and hubby and then put the kids to bed. Then a nice soak in the tub to wash the day away....

Now it's 812 am... I should have been at work at 8... but Ben always makes meetings with the builder at times he can't actually be here.... So here I sit.. waiting for Mike the builder, wouldn't it be cool if his name was Bob.... and Ben to get back to the house. He is dropping Bianca off at school.... From here I'll rush to drop the babies at daycare and hopefully get to my 9 o clock meeting on TIME... it's with one of the big bosses... won't look good if I'm late...

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  1. Eeeks! Cutting it close there BEN!!! Do you even get a "heads up"? LOL.

    Way to go Kiddos on the potty! They are so much fast than boys! That's a plus!