Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nap Time

it's really hard for me to get the girls to nap... at daycare they go right to sleep... and for grandma they go right to sleep... but for mama... all bets are off.

First Sydney needed to use the potty. Then Peyton needed to use the potty. No one actually went potty. 5 minutes later Sydney needed to potty again... and yes I took her... and this time she did pee a little bit.. but they mostly screamed and yelled while they stood at the gate - Finally all was quiet and i crept in for a couple pics....

they always manage to curl up together

so sweet, even the baby doll is between them napping

Peyton is dancing to the Handy Manny show


the don't mess with me look

Chuck E Cheese party
driving the car at Chuck E Cheese


  1. Sarah Beth3:32 PM

    I love their blankets, too cute. I love brown and pink. And they look like little angels sleeping there :)

  2. Can I snuggy up with them and snooze???

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Oh joy!! Chuck E Cheese is a wonderful place for greasy pizza, nasty salad bar and watered down alcohol. I know you had the time of your life.

  4. Look at those curls! Did Bianca have curls like that at Peyton's age?