Friday, January 18, 2008


This morning is officially my last nursing day. I decided with much encouragement to stop nursing the babies. So I nursed the babies for the last time this morning.... and I feel sad... I told them that the milk is all gone... of course they sucked me dry so it was all gone... but Peyton looked at me with a mischevious grin and said. "no, milk back later" Yes... that is what she said... So I held them and told them that they were big girls and they were going to have to drink milk from cups like big girls do.... they laughed and peyton said "no mommie milk" Now did she mean.. no more mommies milk.. or no I want mommies milk... only time will tell.. but I'm really gonna do it.. i want to say try.. but try means I could fail.. and I don't want to fail. Its time for a lil independence.... besides I might start traveling more for work.. and it will be nice to focus on me for a while.. my career.. or lack there of... I've been focused on my kids and family for such a long time.. I guess it's time for me....

wish me luck


  1. :( I think there needs to be lots of activities this weekend to distract the kiddos (and the mommy!) I hope you are successful, but like you, I always set myself up for failure. That's my life!

  2. It's always a little sad to wean... maybe you need to buy yourself a sexy new bra for a pick me up!

  3. Well, it's Sunday..How did the weekend go? How did the girls do? Was it harder for you than it was for them? Good for you, you deserve the break!!!