Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 9 - Home Sweet Home

Today was the first day of vacation that we actually slept in... 9 am for me. Ben was up and in the shower while I started packing. He loves to get out of all the work.

I made pancakes for breakfast. They came in waves.... First Sydney, Ben and Taniya. Then Michael, Bianca and Natalie. Peyton opted for toast, she's not into breakfast like the rest of us. The last wave was Vanessa, Nikki and finally the cook got to eat.

More packing, getting the girls dressed and getting myself ready. I left the rest for Ben and his crew to finish....

Took a few pictures before we loaded up and headed for HWY 50. The traffic was terrible, it took us an hour to drive 25 miles. Finally we made it home around 3. We came home to 108 degrees....

Natalie, Vanessa, Peyton, Sydney, Bianca, Nikki

I unpacked everything when we got home. Loads of fun. Then started downloading pictures and blogging while Ben raced off to pick up his soccer goals. Who knows what he did. He hasn't done anything to really help here at the house. He just informed me that I'll need to put the kids car seats in my SUV in the morning.
What a nice guy.
Can't wait for Tuesday. I'm off to put the kids into bed.


  1. Anonymous11:50 PM


    Vacation huh? . . . sounded pretty busy but then? . . . it was all family and that's what lie's all about. Long blonde haired drivers and winning $$$$$ sounds good. . . . Bad sushi is bad all the way around. And $45.00 for burgers? . . . steak and eggs would have been more.

    Happy to hear they take Starbucks at the blood center and I loved all the photographs. You guys sure had a time and no bears to be seen ?? . . . or no skunks to ruin the day sounds like a GREAT vacation to me.

    Tuesday for some rockin', . . . stompin' soccer . . . see you there.

    Thanks for sharing your family vcation.


  2. LOL Sounds like you had a BUSY and RESTLESS vacation. Kinda sounds like ours. You just never get in that rest you plan on.

    Glad you guys had fund. Tahoe looked amazing. Wish I could of gone =(

  3. Sarah Beth1:02 PM

    I cant believe I havent been on here in so long!!! Your page looks so great!! I really miss you my have no idea how much!!! We need to reconnect!!! Hugs and love ~SB