Sunday, July 19, 2009

On my 5th day of Vacation

my true love gave to me.... 4 kids and some cash so he could get rid of us for the entire day. The gang - Me, Bianca, Emma, Sydney and Peyton met up with Tia Andria, Dominic, Donovan, and Devin for some more fun, this time at WAC. We got to sleep in a lil bit, the place didn't open til noon.

Pulled into the packing lot a few minutes after 12. We made a quick stop for safety, and totally skipped Starbucks even though the Cult was calling.

We planted our double jogging stroller, Large ice chest, small ice chest, 9 beach towels, 5 bags in the shade, spread out, it was great. First stop - Sunscreen for all. Tia was last to get any screen, but we didn't let her completely forget.

WAC is huge, lap pool, diving pool, waterslide pool, mushroom pool, regular pool, kids play area. We hit them all. I think the favorite was the lil kid pool with the waterslide, play structure and lots of squirting water features. The water was 1 foot 4 inches at the deepest, perfect for all the kids.
Bianca and Emma did the waterslide and divingboards (high and low). Dominic, Bianca and Emma spent a lot of time playing in the mushroom pool while the rest of us lounged around in the zero entry part of the pool.
The kids had a great time, most of my pictures didn't come out because my camera dial was moved and I didn't actually preview any photos...
We played about 4 hours, I can't wait to go back... I wished I would have blogged sooner about Day 5 at WAC, but I had to pack and get ready for Tahoe and Day 6, 7, 8, 9....

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  1. That's a lot of kids between us! So, shall we deem Furlough Fridays to hang out at the WAC?? That way the guys could join the chaos!

    You're on a blogging roll! Since it's 12:30 am, perhaps I'll save some reading for later!