Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 6 - Heading to Lake Tahoe

I got a call late in the evening on the 5th day of my vacation.... I'd be waking early and going to Donate Blood first thing in the morning. What fun. Hooray.

Sleep ended at 7 sharp...I finished all the last minute packing and had everything downstairs and ready for my ride.

I hit Peets on my way to the lab, got a piece of zuchinni bread and a short blonde, only had two drinks before I made it to the lab. It took an hour at the lab, they couldn't find my paperwork and I had to make a phone call and have the dr fax my lab request over. Two minutes later I had given the two viles needed and was back in the car finishing up the morning ritual.

Ben and I cleaned out my ride. We had to take out the carseats because we were putting them in Taniya's Expedition for the drive to Tahoe. There were impressions in the middle row where Sydney and Peyton's Captain chairs sit. I can't remember a time they weren't in my truck. We found enough cheerio's to fill a box ;P

We unloaded Taniya's truck and reloaded it after we got the carseats in. They were in the 3rd seat and the girls had the best view, though they both fought over who got to sit on Nikki's side.

We were on the road by 1230, made it to Tahoe around 245. The trip up was uneventful. We unpacked and then took a trolley ride around Tahoe.

Here are some pictures.

Our tour guide while on the trolley was a local, not overly feminine, but female. Long blonde hair pulled into a low ponytail. Perfectly arched eyebrows, no make up. Ugly mandatory uniform. She welcomed us aboard, collected the $2 and we started to make our way down the trolley. Peyton had to stop and ask 'Why is your hair long' I thought it was an odd question but we kept going til we found our seats... Sight seeing was fun. We made a pit stop about 30 minutes into the trip. We had to pee.
Everytime I talked to the driver or explained to the girls what she said, Peyton tried to correct me saying 'He said' I kept telling her the driver was a girl, but she wasn't buying it... At one point while Taniya and the driver were talking Peyton was talking too... 'why are you a boy? why do you have long hair? are you a boy or a girl' I was embarressed, trying to do everything I could to get her away from the driver.
Peyton fell asleep on the last leg of the Trolley ride still arging with me that the driver was a man. Let's say I was glad to get off the Trolley.
After a few unacceptable stops for dinner we found ourselves eating. Taniya got a boring salad prime rib salad with blue cheese, Vanessa had a chicken sandwich, Nikki something with Steak and gravey. Sydney had pancakes and eggs, Peyton a quesodilla and I had bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast.
We did a lil grocery shopping and then back to the cabin to relax. I finally got the girls to sleep around 1030.
Ben, Michael, Bianca and Nat arrived around midnight.

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  1. LMAO...OMGI love Peytons argument..I'mstill laughing thinking about it...Poor momma!!!