Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 7 - Life's a Beach

Woke up bright and early to Peyton snuggling up against me in bed. She's such a cuddle bug sometimes.
Taniya started a pot of coffee, it was perfect to start the morning. She started breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.. just as the 'BOYS' (Ben and Michael) went to get a newspaper, and came home with bagels and cream cheese for everyone. Everyone ate bagels and bacon, and the eggs were yesterday's news. Poor Taniya.
We cleaned up the kitchen, everyone took showers and then we headed to the beach, all before 10 am. We rented some paddleboats and played around in the Lake for a couple hours. You could walk out about 400 feet before the water got to deep. The kids found lots of shells and splashed around in the water.
We ate lunch at Big Daddy's and then went back to the cabin for 'more showers'. Bianca, Nat and the lil ones stayed at the cabin while the rest of us went to North Shore... which turned into a trip to Carson City. It sucked. It was 20 degree's hotter in Carson City than in Tahoe and Ben never uses the air conditioner in the car.
Next stop... The strip. Got Jamba Juice then Ben and Michael disappeared to the Casino's while the rest of us went back to the cabin. Taniya took the bigger girls to the arcade and dropped them off for a couple hours. I took the lil ones for a walk.

Later Ben suggested sushi and everyone thought it was a good idea, 'off the hook sushi' sucks... Don't ever go there. We spent almost $100 and it was like a teaser... The kids got Pizza and pasta from Fat City (i think that's what it was called) Ben, Michael and Taniya went to the casino while I stayed with the kids. They watched scary movies while I read.

Ben won some $$$$ I ♥ when he's LUCKY.

Nikki & Bianca

Sydney & Peyton

Sydney, Bianca & Nat

Peyton & Sydney

Nat, Bianca, Michael (left side)
Taniya, Vanessa Nikki (right side)

sand castles

Daddy helps out

Michael is looking for deeper water

Nat & Vanessa race for the sand

Bianca & Nikki search for shore

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  1. lol must run in the family. Steven will roll the windows down in 110 heat while the kids are literally swimming in their own sweat in the back seats
    drives me crazy!