Saturday, April 18, 2009

it's Saturday

Peyton woke me up around 7 something this morning, I wasn't ready to greet the day... put the kids in the bathtub around 730. They love bubbles in the morning, bubbles in the evening, bubbles anytime.

I knew it was gonna to be a busy day. Bianca spent the night at Taylors. Ben had a soccer meeting and we planned on going to the zoo. First stop... the parks near LandPark. Me and two sweet lil girls, who promised to be on their best behavior.... and they were. They played nice with other kids, they played nice with each other, took turns and helped each other. Hooray. We met two puppies, Mikey and Mo.

We went to play video games and air hockey, and then picked Daddy up from his meeting. Lunch, then off to the zoo, we fed ducks, chased geese, and saw baby ducks. then to another park. Leatherbys for HUGE sundaes. Sydney and daddy shared a strawberry sundae, while Peyton and I had a Black n Tan. Vanilla ice cream, with hot fudge and homemade caramel. Peyton fell asleep and slept most of our visit to Leatherbys. She did wake up and finished the icecream off. From there we drove to another park, then to Nana and Papa's for a potty break, played with the dogs, and finally picked Bianca up from Taylors.


  1. Great pictures! And a beautiful day to be outside doing things.. Hopefully we can get to the zoo one of these days before it gets too busy!

  2. Crikeys, those are huge sundaes! I'm glad to got to see ducks.. our visit the last time was with those nasty geese! They are holy terrors with webbed feet!

    How was the Zoo? Did the girls like it?