Monday, April 20, 2009


I've been trying to get back into blogging. I've been trying to get us back to church. Everything is coming into place. Okay, well maybe not really, but it's a work in progress. I've gotten some blogging in... and we made it to church for the first time in months. What a surprise it was to get to church and get ROCK STAR parking. Miranda, Nami and Ty met us at church... they were late... usually it's them trying to save us seats... and then us not showing.

Two trips to the restroom for Sydney, only one trip for Peyton. The babes were doing really well for most of the service. standing, singing, listening... talking in quiet voices. I was lucky enough to get to hold Peyton most of the time. She was a bit clingy and loud of course.

For some reason she brought up milk and boobies in the same sentence something like "Mommie, I like your milk. Mommie you have milk in your boobies. Milk & Boobies. Milk & Boobies" of course during the quiet part of church, when you could hear a pin drop. Miranda was laughing, Bianca was laughing harder and so the chant began "You have milk and boobies"

Finally after a lot of trying to change the subject, she stopped. hallelujah!!!

Ten minutes later the fighting started, over cookies and crackers. Peyton didn't want to share her crackers with Sydney, and so the drama began. Back and forth uptil I had to take the kids outside. We walked across the street to Sutters Fort and watched the ducks. Peyton was all to happy to share her crackers with the ducks.

We left Ben, Miranda, Ty and Nami at church while we played at the playground til church was over, then we headed for Cassidy's for breakfast. Everyone was starving. Nine of us for breakfast, it was almost like a party, and loud. Bianca had french toast, eggs and bacon. Patrick had pancakes, eggs and bacon. Sydney had pancakes, scrambled eggs, toast & OJ. Sydney ate lots, including some of my breakfast, but moms always willing to share. Peyton drank lots of OJ, she ordered pancakes and scrambled eggs, not sure she ate more than a bite.

Sure it was pretty chaotic, but we had fun.

Miranda, Ty and Nami came over after breakfast. Peyton and Sydney napped for about an hour. Patrick and Ty went skateboarding while Bianca and Nami went for a walk. The kids played tag and football, chased Kallie around and ended up playing at the POND. Miranda and I took the babies for a walk, they ate otterpops and we walked around the pond. We were hoping we wouldn't run into any snakes..... I think it hit 93 degrees. The kids played in the strinklers, I should have grabbed my camera... Dang no photos.

Ben wanted to have his first BBQ of the season. Steaks, Fish and Hotdogs... I convinced him to get stuff for salad too. Well the dog stole half the steaks, the fish and hotdogs were pretty good. No one liked the seasoning that Ben chose for the steaks.. Live and Learn...

After our company left we drove Patrick home. Sydney and I took a nap on the drive there and back. Good thing Ben loves to drive.

Baths, showers and cranky kids was what I had to look forward too. I need a spa day.


  1. The bathroom is a quite common occurance for my kids too, during church. Dominic gets to go on his own, however, after yesterday's LONG visit, some interruption by dad was necessary. Geesh!

    Crazy weather huh?

  2. Soccer Jim8:44 PM

    After readin' your Blog lately? . . . I'm investing in a Starbuck's in YOUR neighborhood!!!