Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Week

It's been a long week and end. I've been off work since Thursday. I took Bianca to horseback riding lessons on Thursday afternoon. It was pouring. She was stuck in the inside arena where she rode Buddie.

Started out with her brushing him out, lil miss sunshine was afraid to brush the horse to hard, afraid he was going to kick her for some odd reason. He's the sweetest horse around. After much whining, she had the horse brushed and ready. She learned how to put the saddle on, then she led Buddie to the arena. Kelly went over the basics and they were off, on a slow stroll. Watch out sunday drivers, this was almost backwards. After 45 minutes Bianca got used to Buddie and decided to take him for a lil trot, scared her in a big way, back to slow...

Bianca did turns, shapes, around the edge of the arena. She did really well. She's got it down and is ready for another lesson. We were there almost two hours. I can't wait for the sunshine next weekend, cuz I wanna go riding.

Friday Scott came over with Isaac. Isaac will be two in June. He was shy for the first hour or so, then the kids played in the backyard on the slide, swings and racing the cars around.

Some pictures of the excitement

Sydney loves Hummus

Who's butt is who's


  1. holy cow girl, you did a lot of blogging! I can't keep up! I have no guess for the butt picture... I'd have to study it further. Way to go Bianca on Buddie! How fun! Did her legs hurt the next day? It's pretty high up there, isn't it?

  2. Peyton to the L Sydo to the R

    And Hooray for blogging! 3 posts that is a record!