Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Saturday

Friday Night Bianca and Amy went to see the New Hannah Montana Movie. I decided to sit this one out. They came home dancing and singing. Amy wanted all three girls to spend the night, so we loaded up the Explorer and off they went. The girls wore their Batman & Spiderman PJ's. The girls went napless on Friday so they were really tired. Peyton fell asleep on the car ride to Lincoln and slept thru the night. Sydney slept in the car but woke up once they arrived. She made a phone call home, she said she missed me and was sad. We talked for a lil bit and then she calmed down. The girls slept well and woke up really early to head to FairOaks Park for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Ben and I met up with them. Sydney, Peyton and Cole did an Easter Hunt, rode the Train, and played on the playground. They have an Adult Easter Egg Hunt - Me, (with Sydney attached to my hip), Bianca, Amy and Rachelle did the adult hunt. It was fun. Bianca and Rachelle got the most Eggs. No one got a 'Great Prize'.

After the Egg Hunt we went home to get our supplies and drove to Miranda's house to have an Egg dying party. There was eggs to dye, eggs to paint and 'big messes'. We ate frozen yogurt, apples with lemon curd, carrot cake, lemon cake and pizza. A few trips to the park and then we headed home.

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  1. Yikes, that's a lot of cake! Did you eat that first? We didn't dye eggs this year. Is that bad?