Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spiderman & Batman

The girls love watching Spiderman.  Sydney and Peyton know most of the marvel characters these days.  Some of their favorites are - Spiderman, Catwoman, Batman, Ironman, Wolverine and Spiderwoman.

You'd think it would be easy to find some Catwoman or Spiderwoman PJ's... nope....  NONE.  We were at Target the other day and the girls saw Spiderman and Batman PJ's - Peyton wanted Spiderman and Sydney wanted Batman - i think the cape sold Batman to Sydney...  They love these PJ's

They call each other Spiderman and Batman - so cute.  Last night it was late and the girls had no inclination to sleep, and we were fighting with them to go to bed.  Finally they had a story read to them, blankets around them.  A panda, a car, money, sunglasses, everything was set...  I climbed into bed..closed my eyes... Ben was on the computer.  

Five minutes went by, I was falling asleep, I felt the bed move, Peyton climbed up, nuzzled into me, kissing my face.  'mommie...  do you love Spiderman?' ... 'Yes I do'  'i love you too... to the moon and back'   I hear her walk out, then stop, walks back into the room..  'mommie... do you love Batman?'   'Yes I do'  'I'll tell her'  ..and she ran to her room.  

*Peyton is purple  *Mommie is red


  1. Adorable, they totally suit them! I guess she just needed some reassurance lol

  2. That's adorable! So, when does "I'm Batman" take over for "My name is monkey"? lol. We like Spiderman over here too! I'm so glad they love their PJ's.... and their momma!