Saturday, April 11, 2009

On the Road to Pismo Beach

Peyton shows Don some love
Sydney's got some love
Peace & Love Friends
Bianca & Sherri
Bianca & Jordie
Peyton, Jordie, Sydney
I <3> Peyton is ready to go to the beach
Bianca & the Legend
Peyton is cleaning Don's bike
mirror mirror...
I like the tiger cat
breakfast of champions
the big move
We are already planning a trip to Pismo. Every other day Sydney and Peyton ask when we are going to Sherri's beach. I'm already having Sherri withdrawals, so it's time to start planning a trip. I heard Cinco De Mayo is going to be crazy in Pismo.. not a scene for the babies, but I'm sure we'll get up there soon to have some fun in the sun. - we miss ya


  1. Soccer Jim2:51 PM

    Always nice to see your photographs and messages Kristie. Glad to see you have some TIME to get caught up.

  2. I miss all you beautiful girls and can't wait until you visit us in Pismo Beach. Love you mucho!