Monday, December 08, 2008


this is my second attempt at a post, the first one was eatin by the blog gods....

Notice the date, almost a month since I've blogged. We had a problem with the network - crash and burn of a network is more like it. Super bad Root Kits attached to hard drives - plus so much malware you can barely see anything else. Guess those updates weren't updating as well as they should have been.

But I'm back now.... So I have about 6 posts started.... but while I work on the others, I wanted to get some pictures out there - Some backyard fun to start with.

Sydney pushing Peyton on the swing

peek a boo

Higher mama

Peytons turn to push Sydney


catch me

countin money


  1. So is it summer or winter?? lol. Crazy weather! Looks like the girls have the "big kid" swings down pretty good. Has Kallie chewed the set yet?

    Glad to have you back into blogworld. I look forward to more pictures and stories to come!

  2. Looks like they are making good use of the new play ground.. =)