Sunday, November 09, 2008

Trip to the E.R

Peyton went to bed around 830, and I went soon after, but Sydney kept waking me up and around 945 Bianca and Sydney were going in to sleep. Peyton woke up coughing, and with a scratchy voice. The kids went down to get a drink of water but Peyton kept crying for me. So when I finally got her, she said her tummy hurt, and then Ben started popping off questions. - me half asleep still. He started asking about money, cuz the girls love to grab change and put it in their pockets, in the piggy banks. Peyton said that Sydney swallowed the money, then said she swallowed the money. 2 big monies.... She was coughing and it's like a hyena...a quick get dressed and we were out the door to the E.R in Folsom.

The triage nurse took us in, did all the normal questions and checked her B.P, temp ect. She had a fever of 101.3. So she got some tylenol. Then came the XRAYS, they took a few. Peyton held still really well, but she didn't like it. I got to hold her hand. Then the real wait came. I think we got in to see the Dr. around 120. We were all tired, and the good news came back that Peyton hadn't swallowed any coins....

To bed at some point after 2 (again) and this time got to sleep til the alarm started going off around 8. Tried to go back to sleep and then my phone started ringing around 9. Blog that.

Peyton's cough is still really bad. Don't think we'll be going anywhere today. We had a trip to the park with Sherri to chase the chickens. We'll have to see.

Maybe Sherri and I can hit the sunflower instead.


  1. Oh my! I am glad she is ok though.. that would have been crazy. We sure hope she feels better!

  2. Have the girls ask Tia Andria about money down the tubes. She did it, about the same age. A nickel and a dime. We were told to watch for it, not going to happen here!! Never saw them again. 8-)

  3. How scary! Hope she feels better soon.

  4. You know those girls are "PRICELESS"! I hate that they are sick and that they've taken away any relief from the store shelves for our kiddos. I hope everyone gets some needed rest. :(

  5. Poor girl! Glad she is ok.

  6. least the girls know how to hang onto money! I'm so glad Peyton is ok. And if Sydo ate money, it probably passed right though. How scary for you though...I know how you hate ERs. You're a good Momma Kristie!