Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonah

Bianca, Sydney and Peyton were invited to Jonah's 3rd Birthday Party at Planet Gymnasium. The kids all had a blast.  Free reign of the gym.  The girls enjoyed running the long trampoline the most, racing....  the pit was second best, jumping off the edge into the foam squares.  Sydney and Peyton found a baby to play with , his name was Elijah.  He was a cutie.  The girls said Hi to Jonah and happy birthday, but the kids didn't really play to much, all the kids did their own thing.  Jonah #1 was there.  That's who Jonah was named after.  Bianca and Big Jonah were the only 7th graders. The rest of crew were small fries...

After a lot of running around, the kids settled in for some fresh veggies, dip, crackers, cheese, salami, Pirates Booty (always a huge hit) chips and salsa, and cupcakes....  

Bianca ate everything.... including Sydney's cupcake.  

Peyton liked the pirates booty and cupcake the best.

Sydney perferred the veggies and dip.

We got to meet the triplets too.   Can't remember their names.... Rose was one of them...  

Here are some pictures.


  1. Looks like a blast! Can the adults go in too?? I'm so there!

  2. Finally got caught up on your Blogs Girlie. Sorry I took so long. The kids GREW! What up with that? Word and smooches to B. I miss singing to her.