Monday, December 08, 2008

Run To Feed The Hungry

Okay so this post is old... but Thanksgiving was only a week or so ago.. Right? We have this tradition of doing the Run to Feed the Hungry.

The last few years we've (Me, Bianca, Sydney, Peyton, and Amy) done the 5K with Andria and the boys.... I'm usually caught carrying Sydney the entire race while Amy pushes the jogging stroller with Peyton contently snug inside......

we've always talked about actually running the 5K. So you'd think we'd train or something... Nope... thats not the way we do it. I asked Andria what she thought about doing the 5K or 10K with us... She opted out this year. She planned on meeting up with her friend and her family for a nice walk.

So Bianca, Amy and I signed up to do the 10K... The morning started off early as we pinned our bibs on, stuck our tracking devices to our shoes and pushed our way through the crowd of 26,000 people to the 8 minute mile section.... Ipods on and the race began... it started SLOW....

we did our first mile pretty quickly for two chicks withoutta clue and a pre teen who wanted to R.U.N like the cops were on her heels.... only she stayed close to us for fear of being swallowed whole by the runners. I kept pushing Bianca to find her pace and just run, she didn't need to let us hold her back... cuz that is exactly what we did. She coulda finished that race in less than an hour if she'd have run like she wanted to...

Here's hoping that 13 is the lucky number and she'll jump out in the lead and run like a cheetah....

With a mile left in the race I convinced Bianca to run to the finish line ahead of us... and she did. Her official time 1:13:18. My offical time 1:18:40. Amy's offical time 1:20:18. I'd like to give my sister props for jogging at least half the race in a constant pace. Me... I ran, I jogged, I walked... I am thinking about training for next years race.

here are some before and after pictures of us.


  1. Way to go B! Geesh! "Run B, Run!" (in my Forrest Gump's Jennie voice).

  2. okay, Way to go Kristie and Amy too! I keep telling myself that SOME day I'll be able to run the 5K (baby steps!). Here's hoping to a better year keepin' on track!

  3. Wow ! I wish Andrew stays that athletic! Good Job B and Amy and Kristie.