Friday, December 12, 2008

Promotion on the horizon

Thursday was an exam day for me.  Wednesday night I went to bed early, say 11:30 cuz I remember glancing over at the computer and seeing Ben playing away, then I looked at the clock and thought, I swore I was going to bed early.  tap, tap, tap went the keys

5 am came really early, got ready, woke Sydney and Peyton up with a "good morning sunshine, who wants starbucks cookies?"  ya sometimes those bribes really work.  

Dropped the kids off at 7 am, they were the first to arrive, that never happens.  Waved and gave a shout out to Andria as she dropped off Donovan and Devin at daycare... and yes, she saw that I was actually awake, alert, had coffee, all before 715.

My exam was scheduled for 9.   The scope of the test included - Quantitive Analysis, Data Analysis and Interpetation and workload management and project management.  The Quantitive Analysis consisted mostly of Standard Deviation and Variance questions....  so much  math my head was spinning.  math and I are not friends.  we've never been friends.  ask Ben....  We took an algebra class together in college, actually we took three algebra classes together... we failed all three - finally I took an algebra class without Ben.... i got a B.  

The exam took me three hours.  three hours of contemplating what I was going to do with my life when I failed...  wondering why I couldn't remember the basic math skills having to do with percentages,  algebra, geometry and statistics.  I had one minute and 45 seconds left when I opened the door to my proctors smiling face.  

She let me know she'd email me... with the results that afternoon.  So I sat at my desk staring at my inbox...  then I had some errands to do and I sat staring at my inbox from another vantage point - by 230 I was thinking for sure the proctor didn't know how to tell me in an email that I failed... that I was allowed to pass Go but not Collect the $200.  

at 245 I checked my voicemail and low and behold I had a voicemail saying "Kristie, it's Martha, I just called to let you know you passed the exam.  Congratulations"  I threw the phone, I screamed, I jumped up and down.... then I called Ben.  Of course I called Ben right after the exam and told him I failed....  so he was happy to hear that I'd passed.

My boss was ecstatic to hear the good news, and the paperwork went through and now we're just waiting.

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  1. Congratulations hot mama!! Good for you. On to bigger and better things I presume?