Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mr Poopie

Sydney has decided she likes to "Mr Poopie" in the toilet.... We are very pleased. The last few times she's told me she had to "mr poopie" she's actually followed through with it. Today she managed to pee pee and mr poopie - the only hard thing is that when one baby sits on the potty, the other baby wants to sit too.

it's been a long time since Peyton has actually pottied in the potty, but she still enjoys her readers digest while sitting on top of the potty. I didn't have my camera handy for any of the festivities, but maybe next time.


  1. Peyton and her RD, that's funny.

    Okay, Mr. Poopie? That's interesting. Glad she's aware of his visit and is pleased to put him where he belongs! All I've been getting lately is "poopie, poopie" and "change diaper", when there's no poopie to be found and no diaper needed to be changed.

    Help us out Sydney!

  2. Sarah Beth7:39 AM

    I look forward to the days that my babies get on the potty and out of diapers :) Go girls!!