Sunday, January 06, 2008

and he said "there's water coming in through the weep holes"

and you ask... "what are weep holes?" Weep holes are those small openings in the bottom of windows and sliders doors.... well when the BIG STORM hit on Friday - rain & the winds were gusting up to 50 miles an hour .... Luckily Ben and I were both home... water started pooling up in the window pane (at least that's what Bianca is calling it). Okay we have this brand new house and water is coming in. I was so pissed, we went through over 30 towels... we used them in the windows to soak up all the water that was coming.... and yes... I have pictures.

In the Familyroom some water got on the carpet... damn I knew we should have went with the COLD tile everywhere...... at least the tile could handle the water. Okay so we have one window in the familyroom collecting and spilling water, the window in the kitchen also... plus the sliding backdoor.... it had water leaking from the top and bottom... and the master bedroom and bathroom were also leaking... see why we went through so many towels...

Did I mention a section or two of our fence blew down? Yes... smashing one of our side trees.... So Uncle Steven (Ben's Cousin) came over to help Ben put the fence back up in the pouring rain and wind... it didn't stay up, but thanks for helping.

Turns out that Uncle Steven's house was getting water too... and a couple of our neighbors too... Monday someone is coming out to inspect.....

During our storm fiasco.... Both babies decide they need to use the potty... I told them to hold on.. and well the next time I turn around.... I have one naked baby sitting on the toilet and one half dressed baby trying to push her sister off the toilet so she can have a turn - I'm running up and down the stairs to dry the water and trying to watch babies potty.... I thought I was going insane....

To top it all off the electricity went out and that meant we couldnt' dry towels... I had to drive to the in laws and pick up an extra 16 towels to get us through the brunt of the storm... by 430 the winds died down and the rain became more of a sprinkle.... and the electricty came back on.... I began washing and drying towels just in case....

So now we have clean and dry towels for the next storm

Pictures to come.

rain coming in from the top of the slider - DRIP DRIP DRIP

the water in the bottom of the slider and on the tile

the wet mess from the Familyroom window

more of the Familyroom mess

the rain coming down hard and one piece of our fense is missing


  1. OH's like a scene in "Titanic" isn't it? Unbelievable! And to think the girls may have done something to the floor requiring more towels! You know it's the sound of the dripping that makes you want to tinkle! :)

    Holey weep holes! I hope Round 2 is a better one. Stay afloat!

  2. Oh my gosh.. I had no idea you were having such bad weather. I hate that the house sprung some leaks :( But I am happy to know that you are all safe and okay. Scary!!