Sunday, January 06, 2008

it's a cold Sunday Night - and I'm bloggin away

it's a train
choo choo
look at that track
sit and spin
I'm dizzy

go girl

sportin her chef hat, two kitchen gloves and an apron

and in her car

it's a sleep over

two in the tub


  1. Ok we want to come over for a play day :) I LOVE the cars, they are too cool.. i think we need chef hat picture is priceless! What a great shot. She looks so happy and proud of herself. Did you have a sit and spin when you were little? I loved that toy. And the inch worm that has come out this year, I had one of them growing up too. I love that some of the oldie but goodies are coming back!

  2. Oh my, the track... we need another room just for that thing. Love Peyton's drunk n' dizzy look. Hopefully next year we'll get the deer out with the train...they missed their calling this year. :(

    Speaking of cold...Darn it..I seriously went to bed with gloves on last night, my hands just would NOT warm up!

    Love the cramped sleep over pic. Cute!