Saturday, July 14, 2007

Watchin the 3 Amigos

I took on the task of watching Sydney, Peyton and Donovan while Rudy took Bianca and Dominic to kickboxing class and Ben accompanied his parents to find a new house.

The kids ate apples, bananas and strawberries first, then they drug out some tupperware and pots n pans, then they emptied the toy bucket in the livingroom, Sydney and Peyton pushed the lil blue chairs all over the front of the house. Donovan would try to sit in a chair, but he was to heavy for them to push. After they grew tired of that, we all danced in the livingroom, then headed into the bedroom to empty toys out and play in the closet.

I was only home alone with them for about two hours, but it was long enough. I was able to get a few pictures.


  1. What were you thinking? You're crazy! I'm glad the Tupperware kept them entertained. That's what happens when Rudy doesn't call ahead first to see if his parents will be home! Two hours was long enough I'm sure!

  2. Sarah Beth4:48 AM

    Looks like they are having a blast!! Hey Landon has the same outfit that Donovan has one. lol..