Saturday, July 21, 2007

Playdate with Sherri

Sydney, Peyton and I went to visit the three McKees on Friday after work. Sherri's sister Shawn was there when we got there, we all hung out talking, the babies eating grapes and giving high fives and kisses while Sherri was busy making Chinese Chicken Salad. Whenever we eat at Sherri's we seem to find ourselves on the nice kitchen floor eating. The babies love the freedom of walking around the kitchen and eating. Sydney was stuffing her face with grapes and chinese chicken salad. It was grubbin.

After we ate we went outside to play with Sonny (Jordie's kitten) He was so funny. The babies would chase him around, he would dive into the bushes and them jump out at the babies. He was very gentle with them, they weren't as gentle. Sonny chased the ping pong balls and the babies, the babies chased Sonny and the ping pong balls too. When the sprinklers came on Peyton was the first to venture off into the water, then Sydney made her way into the water feature. The girls and their clothes got soaked. We let the babies run around in the nude for a lil while, Sherri was nice and dried the babies clothes, I was thinking since I didn't bring extra's... we might have some walmart babies walkin around.

After the streakers got tired of playing in the sprinklers, chasing sonny and scratching butts, we got them diapered up and back inside the house. They gave Don some high fives and they put on a show for him in the house. They were showing off for the only man in the house ~lmao~

We were gonna take the girls on a walk to feed the horses, but we never got outta the frontyard. We played with sidewalk chalk for awhile that Sherri's neighbor brought over.... Sydney threw dehydrated veggies all over the driveway and chased Sonny around, with mouthfuls of veggies hanging from her lips.

Another neighbor was out walking his pooch Rocky, he stopped to chat and before you knew it... Peyton had his leash and was walking Rocky all over the yard. Rocky was more interested in Sonny than the kids. Peyton loved walking the dog and Sydney preferred harrassing the cat.

Can't wait til next time Sherri. Thanks for letting us come hang out.


  1. How fun! It looks like the girls were easily entertained. Funny how Sonny tolerated the girls, or did he? I'm sure he made for some good laughs.

  2. Sounds like there is really never a dull moment... that cat looked pretty cool... glad he enjoyed playing with the girls as much as they did him ;). And I love your "walmart"