Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fantastic Friday

After Thursday night we weren't sure we would be having an adventure at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, but Bianca's a trooper and with a wake up call at 630 in the morning from Tio Rudy - well we were all wide awake. Ten minutes later we all went back to sleep and at 800 mom got in the shower and the fun began. We left the house by 930, but Tio and Tia were in Davis by then. Needless to say Daddy made good time because we arrived at the park while the rest of the Avila's were eatin our dust....

Sydney and Peyton were not to happy about being in the stroller, so we let them walk for awhile. We met Foghorn Leghorn first, then went to see the Dolphins and Penguins, the babies weren't really interested in that so we headed for Thomas Town to ride the train. First ride... and the line was a lil long. Sydney wanted to walk to the front and since I wouldn't let her... she threw a tantrum and everyone and their mothers watched as she screamed and tried to get away, but even that didn't make her happy. Finally the conductor came to see how many in our party, they wanted us on the train and outta site. Ben, Bianca and Peyton pretended they didn't know us. Sydney and I sat by ourselves, but as soon as the train started, she was quiet.

After our Thomas the train trip we met up with (Tios) Rudy, Andria and the boys. The kids ran wild in the play area, climbing on the oversized furniture and toys. Sydney loved the rides, Peyton was a lil more timid when it came to the rides. we did helicopters, flying busses, trains, safari monster trucks and a huge tree house with chuttes and ladders. We hung out with sharks and butterflies (not at the same time). Sydney took a long nap but Peyton and Donovan went napless.

Tio, Mommie, Bianca and Dominic went on the Wild River, then Daddy and Tio went on the boomerrang. That looked scary. Tia talked Mommie into going on Medusa... Bianca begged Mama not to go... she was thinking Final Destination 3 - Thanks Bianca....

The kids got lots of pictures with the characters.


  1. I think Donovan is still feeling the effects of NO NAP Friday. That was too much fun though. Guess our next outing with the kids will be RibFest. And yes, let's hope "bribing" works better for Disneyworld! lol. Cute pics!

  2. Well, at least this was a good trial for you guys. The pics are awesome. I am going to need to go now.. except I want to go more for the shows.. they still have them, right?

  3. Great pics!! Momma looks great and the kids look like they are having fun. Glad Bianca felt better so you could go ~