Thursday, July 12, 2007

Second Course

Check out the new hair do...

The babies slept thru the night... gotta love that, we stumbled outta bed around 800 this morning. It was a lazy morning. Sydney woke up with a smile, but Peyton was a lil crabby, we sat out in the livingroom, watching Baby Signs and eating cheerios until we finally coaxed Bianca outta bed. We did random "knock by's" and the babies love calling her name. We didn't leave the house til noon, we hit Jamba Juice from some Razzmatazz's and blueberry swirl rolls.... on the way to Yoga.... Julie let us in early, just before the Prenatal final relaxation... I think she was wishing she left us outside cuz the babies found the noisiest toys they could find to play with. Oh by the way... we left the house without a nap again.... Bianca hung out with the babies in the playroom while the mama got her yoga on.... it was a good workout. After we worked out Sydney loved her some Morgan, she was giving kisses and nuzzling the baby. Then Jonah and Teri stopped into the gym. I was glad to see them, I felt bad that we missed out playdate. Bianca got a Jonah fix.. and I didn't bring my camera. Sydney introduced herself to a few of the new babies. The girls made a new friend... Vanessa.. she's a doll, so cute, and what a smile, she had a huge grin, she was so happy, and tons of hair for a six month old. her hair is as long as Sydneys... I enjoyed talking to her, and Peyton wasn't so sure about her... Peyton's got a lil mischevious side when it comes to other babies.... I gotta stay close and watch her... Sydney and Peyton ended up in the playroom with Jonah, and they played cars for a lil while, when it was time to say goodbye... well Peyton was kissing Jonah goodbye... ~lol~ it was really cute... but of course I missed the photo op... The babies were asleep by the time we got outta the parking lot... We went to papa and grandma's, the babies and I took a nap til dinner time - That was the highlight of my day... On the way home from papa and grandmas we stopped to get Bianca's hair cut. She's been wanting it cut for awhile and we didn't make it yesterday. She got about seven inches cut off... got a few long layers.. and ta da.... she thinks she's a super model now ~lmao~ posing for pictures... thinking she's the boss.... she's lucky she's so damn cute.... can i take it all back - this is my second time posting.... as I lost the first post due to user error... or CPU shut down.... Bianca is now sick... her tummy started hurting... she spent almost two hours sitting in the bathroom crying and telling us that she's afraid... it's so hard when she's not feeling well. The pepto didn't work.... The babies were screaming because they wanted my attention, Bianca was screaming cuz she wanted my attention.... talk about stressful....but she is finally passed out on the bed, bucket in hand... Two babies in cribs..... and here I am.... I'm wondering if we'll be going to Six Flags tomorrow... That was the plan.... I guess we'll see how Bianca feels in the morning.


  1. OMG! Poor Bianca! Poor Momma! Poor computer??? So did you lose it all or is most of it there? Yep, that's a chapter out of the Book of SAHMs! I should have called you since you already experience my chapter before. Perhaps, we could have shared stories. I hope Bianca is feeling better and that the "bug" has left her system, whatever it was!

  2. Love the new do Bianca! I wish I had hair like you and your mom!