Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the rants and raves of a SAHM

My first day as a SAHM in eight months and let me tell you... it started with a bang, was filled with excitement and ended with exhaustion.

The morning started off great…. Alarm clock Sydney got us up about 830 and we ate a lil breakfast and hit the gym. The babies and Bianca had free reign inside the playroom. I would sneak a peek and see them doing the cutest things, carrying baby dolls, pushing baby dolls, bowling, sitting at the tables playing on the computers or with the cash registers. After working out we went to the mall. Quick stop at Macy’s for another lip liner, not sure where my last one went....and then the Disney Store... $5.99 for boys beach towels, but no girls towels. Not sure the girls would like the red ranger towel. Back home for a quick change and then it was off to the races, grabbing some lunch and meeting Tia Andria, Dominic and Donovan at the park/mushroom pool. My friend Teri who is also Jonahs "mom mom" told us about a great swimmin hole for the kids. We planned to meet up for a swim date... Did I mention the girls didn't catch a wink of sleep?

The Avila's ate some lunch, put on our swim gear and the three amigos grabbed hands and it was off to the pool. The water was ice cold, They had a big portion of the pool at 12 inches, a smaller part at 6 inches and the mushroom was between 1 inch and 6 inches. I have to admit.. I'm partial to the 6 inch part of the pool. Everytime Sydney went in the deep end... she dove.... face first into the water. She is a daredevil. Peyton was content mimiking Donovan getting in and out of the pool. Dominic and Bianca had a great time under the mushroom. By the time Jonah got there.... the girls were cranky and overtired... the mama's were cranky and tired too.. so we headed over to the park to play on the slides. There was only so much I could handle, I was so lucky to have Bianca and Tia Andria to help me chase down the kiddos... The kids all held hands as we walked to the trucks and then we parted ways, Peyton was out after eating some fruit in the car, Sydney decided she didn't need any sleep. Once we got home I put Peyton in the crib and not long after Sydney crashed on the floor... I took a lil time to relax and recuperate knowing that in one hour Ben and Bianca would be off to soccer training and I'd be alone with wild and crazy babies. Luckily Amy came over to hang out, we decided to go get some CPK - my favorite salad shop....


  1. They are so STINKIN' cute!!! But man, I'm exhausted just thinking about your day! I hope the babies sleep well for you tonight! I love how the girls squat in the sand - funny! And I really love the "holding hands" shots. It just melts my heart! That was fun! I can't believe all the crap I have to pack with me though...geesh!

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I am commenting since I am being forced to comment.

    The babies and Biance look so cute.

  3. Sarah Beth4:53 AM

    Donovan looks like the little man. haha. What a cool mushroom fountain! We need one of those!!