Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moving on up

From recreational soccer to competitive. Who knew that our 8 year old wannabes would be making the move this year. Not I. I guess it's as good a time as any. At least I was thinking that before the sample budget came to me. 
Last week I spoke with a few of the parents about making the move and they were. "We will follow you wherever you go as long as you are coaching and our daughters really want to play for you". Maybe the price tag is a bit much but this mama is paying double!!!!  $225 registration $100 for uniforms and about $100 for 2 tournaments. (Each kid). Yes you added correctly. $850 for the coach. The VP of SSA said there are scholarships available for kids who can't afford it. Please sign me up.  Guess that doesn't work for me. I think coaches kids should be registration free. I mean. Coaches don't get paid.  Yikes. 
Anyhow now I texted the info and scholarship info and explained there is fundraising available on Tuesday.  It's now Thursday and no response. Last night I also emailed the tryout info and registration and no word from anyone. 
Is there a redo button???
How could I have sold this to them better???

On another note. Kamren said his penis hurt when he woke up. He kept crying about it.  Guess his woody wasn't happy.  Just another morning in the Avila's house. Kids hate waking up. Mom hates waking up.  Kids loved the breakfast frittatas the mama made. I ❤ making breakfast for the kids and spending the morning with them. Although I was disappointed when I went downstairs. Ben promised zebras on the island.  

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