Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fun times with Riley at busy kids

Met up with Amy and Riley for a play date at busy kids. Kam and I got there early and walked over to the Harley Davison motorcycle shop. Kam was loving all the bikes. He looked at them all picked his favorites and wanted to ride them all. His smile said it all
Busy kids was fun. They cooked, shopped, talked in the phone booth, played in the balls, ran around and explored for a couple hours. 

Then aunt Amy treated us to lunch at Starbucks. Our favorite. 
Afterwards Amy took Peyton to return her boots for a bigger size and well pink and brown boots. Peyton wanted Amy all to herself so Riley stayed with us, and ate more. 
And played on the trampoline and play structure.  Riley left the house with a Barbie jeep, since the girls have outgrown them. Kam now wants a police car to drive. 

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