Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend wonders

I ❤ the weekend. Time to sleep in... Or in my case wake up early and spend some quality time with myself....  Coffee, the sound of my feet padding in the cold tile, a video game...   Then come the cuddles and snuggles from the first kid to wake up, then the screaming and irritation from the second kid that wakes up... Then the house goes wild with chaos as the day begins...
Saturday is now soccer practice for Sydney and Peyton. (Every other Saturday is STAMP volunteering for Bianca at the animal shelter on Bradshaw.) practice on turf in Folsom. The girls enjoyed it, I stayed home with Kamren. Didn't want to risk taking him out when he was just getting over a cold
Saturday night party to celebrate brynn Fitzpatrick and Ashley getting married and baby reveal.  It's a boy.  Peyton said I knew it was a boy cuz brynn is a firefighter.  Yep yep. Good food and fun. 
Kam stayed at the in laws and I think he had a good time too. 
Sunday was faith formation so I took the girls so Ben could see all the Niners game. Go Niners!!!  Big win for them. Seattle next week. Sunday was pretty chill. Got Jamba Juice. The kale ribbean was not delicious like the last time I got it. This time it wasn't sweet at all, like they forgot the fruit and I got only kale. No ribbean at all. Funny thing. Bens passion Caribbean or whatever the normal one is... Wasn't sweet either. So why the heck. Bianca and the girls had razzmatazz and it was sweet and Kams blueberry strawberry banana was sweet. So I'm at a loss on that 
It's Monday and kam woke up with a cough and cruddy green booger snot nose. Had to postpone the flu shot another week. Off to get mine today as well. Ben and the kids got their awhile back. 
Dentist check up this afternoon. Woohoo. 

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