Thursday, June 06, 2013

Day 3 - Life without dairy is really a bummer for Sydney

Sydney swears she can't eat anything now... So not true.  I've been writing in and scanning her food diary.  She's eaten a lot of blueberry nutragrain bars, lots of apples, and rice.  Time to work in a bunch more veggies, but it's been a crazy few days. 

Coffee in hand, writing Day 3 on Day 4 cuz I was exhausted last night.Off work the next two days, well four if you count the weekend and I should count it.  my zoom on my laptop keeps going in and out.  Maybe I should put my glasses on. 

We woke up early on Day 3 and today...  Kamren was less hell on wheels and more manageable in the morning.  He actually climbed up the ladder and woke the girls up for me...  So sweet and gentle shaking the girls awake by the feet.  He only became less managable when it was time for him to get dressed, he wanted to wear orange crocs and not socks and shoes....  I can't blame him...  I'd rather walk about barefoot all day.... on the beach - just my luck I have to go to work most days.

Coffee check, kids dressed and ready check, laptop check...  dropped the kids at the in laws again, Ben picking them up at 1030 for an 11 dental appt.  I dropped a very sad Kamren off.  He does not like that his sisters get to go play at grandma and papas and he has to go to Sharons.  Hell I don't like it either, but not much I can do.... I buy lotto, lottery and mega millions tickets... obviously I haven't hit the jackpot yet. 

We had a training meeting on indesign - it was great.  interactive indesign and a few other new features.  then i went to have my xrays of my back...  no word yet from anyone on anything....could take a couple days according to the technician.

grabbed Subway and checked out the new bike shop on la riviera.  Giant bikes mostly.  Pretty expensive, but grand opening this month and 10% off.  yes Target would be much cheaper... but quality people.. i want some quality in my life.. and the lives of my children. They could use a bigger bike 20 inch i think... 24 inch might be a lil large.  One speed or crank it up to 7 speeds.  They can barely use the foot pedals to stop...  unless they are skidding...  then it's all good.  Ya 1 speed will probably work best.  They have cruisers... super cute, but would they prefer a bmx type... probably.. who skids on a cruiser... No one...

Peyton got a silver crown on a back upper tooth and there was another cavity on the next tooth, ya they were touching... damn cavities and sugar and crap...  so add a filling to that and 3 hours you can't get back... glad Ben was there.. Sydney got her sealants... and she actually sat there next to Peyton while she was getting her crown and filling...  What a good sister... Ben was in the front waiting room.  Lucky dad.  The dentist gave the kids lots of toys for being so good and waiting so long.  The fun blow up toys that squeek and are ridiculously large.  But a couple days of happiness with them and into the garbage they go....

Picked the party up around 315 and we hung out in the backyard at grandmas for awhile, the kids playing on the crazy airplane looking scooters you sit on and well I should have gotten a photo. 

i hear feet.. Kamren is awake....  a huge smile on his face.........  YAY.. it's gonna bea  good morning after all.  He just ran out of my room...  could be trouble... haha

We drove home and the kids ate snacks... apples, oranges, greek yogurt, they played outback with the water sprayer and rode bikes until it was time for swimming lessons...  Getting ready for that is like pulling teeth... well for Kamren...  30 minutes later and a whole lot of cursing and holding that boy down... we were ready to go..  sunblock - check, towels - check,  goggles - check, SNACKS - CHECK. Did everyone use the bathroom before the super long ride 15 minutes away?  CHECK

BTW today was Bianca's last day as a Junior... so she celebrated by hanging out with her friends and swimming... the plan was to pick her up around 730 after swim lessons...  but she kept texting me..  She Aced her final and well she was having fun....  could she spend the  night at Makaylas house...  okay I talked to Dina (the mom) Dennis and yes it was okay.....  one less stop tonight and it made Bianca's day/night being able to celebrate a lil longer.

lessons were okay.  We got there and Sydney was yelling she needed to use the bathroom, was there time, could she go....  I rattled off... RUN, RUN and you can go....  so she did...  we got there just in time... I told you I don't like getting there early...  chasing a 2 year old around a pool is NOT my idea of fun.. nor anyones...  He wants in when he wants in and out when he wants out...   It's never the right time   We all make it into the pool.

..btw Kamren is amusing himself playing on and in the clean clothes - there is a rather large pile, I'm embarressed to say on the landing upstairs...  he's having a great time... and i'm still blogging and enjoying my coffee...  needless to say - everyone wins

Kamren refused to blow bubbles, i did manage to get him on his back a few times kicking his feet and splashing lots..  we did a few superman fly bys, sang motorboat and then he wanted out... OUT.  Ms Emma as the instructor turns out to be came by and chatted us up, but Kam wasn't interested in flying under the rainbow today.  But when she suggested jumping from the side of the pool.  Kam perked up.  Anything to do with jumping - and he's all in.  So we spent 15 minutes counting 1, 2, 3 and  jumping into the pool  I got a workout... Kam was exhausted when class was over and I remembered snacks..  it was a lovely evening....

Ben was picking my KAOS soccer team this entire time... Such a Lucky Guy - or maybe I was the lucky lady tonight.

The plan was to make some dinner when we got home and feed the party.  plans are never concrete in this family.... the kids saw Caleb outside riding his bike when we rounded the corner so they wanted to play and ride bikes with him... eating was no longer an option.

quick break to nurse Kamren - he came in so cute.  Mama's milk... please...   Can't say no to good manners.

He' s off to wake the girls up - So back to where i was.  Kamren raced over to see Caleb, he picked up the small baseball glove and asked Jason to play catch... So they were playing catch while the girls tried to convince me to let them get bikes out, only problem was i had to disable the alarm first, so we waited for Kamren to tire of playing ball and then we got all the bikes and helmets out... Yay, fun at last.  the kids rode up and down the street and all four even rode down the steps. wait a minute i dn't t hink Caleb has worked up the courage yet.. so just my three raced down the steps,  Kam has no ear, he only fell twice while doing the steps... but he wants to be like the girls...  45 minutes later and not much sunlight left...  we went inside...  ate dinner and chillaxed a few minutes before I put everyone to bed... much later than i intended..  and I think Kamren was the only one to get a shower in... 

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  1. Damn have one busy life! Blessed and busy. I envy you your babies!