Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Day 1

Sydney & Peyton are out of school. How do we celebrate the first Monday of summer vacation? Trip to the dentist of course. No cavities for Sydney who needs to brush her back molars better but who loves to floss... 1 cavity for Peyton who brushes like a champ but skirts around the floss monster. The cavity is in between two teeth. Oops. 
They go back Wednesday - Sydney for sealants on her 6 yro molars and Peyton either gets the cavity filled or a root canal and ♔. 
1045 was Sydney's appt w the doctor.  This girl has been using the bathroom a ton lately (i thought she just enjoyed visiting all the bathrooms of the world) So wanted to have her checked for a urinary tract infection and also see if she might be lactose intolerant. 
So now summer includes Sydney keeping a food diary for 6 weeks and then Back to the dr to check in. So after 4 weeks without dairy we are supposed to slowly give her some dairy and see what happens over that 2 weeks.  Oh ya we have to write all about the poop too. Yay
Dropped the girls at grandma and papas while I put in a few hours at work. Got my eyes checked out and I'm a bit farsighted  and have astigmatism slightly. Anyhow. The glasses make it clearer. Duh. He sari use them on the computer and night reading. 
Picked three kids up and went home to get ready do swim lessons. We ate some healthy snacks before cuz we were starving. Got this yummy Greek yogurt with fruit or nuts on the side. Syd had apples and plumots. Hit the store to get swim goggles for the kids (every year). Then the pool
Lessons were not fun. We got there to early and kam was pissed cuz he wanted to swim and play so he was irritated by the time we got in. I didn't see much of what the girls did while tot n mom class was in session. 
Ben and Bianca had a soccer meeting so it was tough herding three kids around the pool. 
Kam was happier when we got in the pool. There was at least ten tots. We bounced in the water. Kicked feet. Kam was excellent at that. I got sunscreen in my eye thanks to him. Guess I will wear my sunglasses. He storied to blow bubbles and move a boat. He swallowed water a few times. I get nervous when that happens. He got water in his nose too.  So now he's boycotting bubbles. He floated on his tummy and back kicking legs. He didn't like superman or arm activities. We sang songs and danced the hokie pokie in the water. 
Miss Emma was going tot to tot and showing tots things to try when she would leave us after kam didn't do what she wanted he started yellng to her. "I'm coming". So she came back and he swam some with her. It was cute. Then every time she would go around the circle. He would call to her. "I'm coming". Haha. 
It was cute.  I was exhausted when we got home at 730 and everyone was starving. Made Asian chicken salad and yes we ate good. Ben brought pizza too. Oops. I couldn't wait to go to bed and while Ben was brushing Kams teeth... I snuck off to get ready for bed.  I ended up having to put a cranky overtired boy to bed.  I slept good

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