Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Day 2

Woke up late. Story of my life. Why am I so tired. I know.....  I can't find my bed until way after 11 and then my eyes refuse to stay closed.... My mind goes crazy and I can't sleep.  Finally I hear Ben snoring....  Eventually I fall asleep and reluctantly get up again....

So dropped the girls at the in laws place and Kamren cried because he ha to go to daycare. Yep. Daycare is no Bueno. Tears.  Yuck.  

I make it to work. Bianca texts from school that she's bored. School is almost out. Finals no time for boredom. She's out early and gma picks her up. Score!!

I make a dr appt for my back. It's been hurting since mid April. First fall was April 12th. Second fall and stitches 4.18.13

Bianca wants to go because she's craving a new swimsuit. Appt takes long..  I get to have X-rays and maybe a bone scan.  Bone scan means no nursing Kamren. Not sure if that means I quit or what. I could pump it out I guess. Not really sure.  Or cold turkey. No more nursing. That will be hard on us both. In sure in not producing much but it is our close time and he still likes to do it. 
We hit target and Bianca gets a mismatched suit and is happy. And I got a cute shirt. Yay me. I never get anything. And it was $10 on clearance. 
Pick up the rest of the party at grandparents and race home to speed dress for swimming lessons. Kamren throws a couple fits... And we leave to the pool. 
I timed it so Sydney had enough time to potty and us get in the pool without delay. Kamren has happy for half the lesson and then he kept yelling Towel. Yep he was throwing the towel in and wanted out. 10 of him whining and getting upset, the other 5 he was happy singing Motorboat and doing superman arms after the ball.  He was singing motorboat on his own...  The teacher likes his enthusiasm. Me too. Now please blow bubbles, stop drinking the water and please keep it out of ur nose.  

Got home and everyone was starving. Ben was bbqing tri tip. I took the lil ones out front to ride bikes with Caleb. Kam and Jason played catch. The kids rose bikes for about 15 minutes. Kamren has no fear lately. Going full speed down the driveways. He only crashes sometimes.  Yes it scares me every time
The tri tip was amazing. We grubbed like there was no tomorrow. Kam couldn't get enough. Steamed some corn so we could have a vegetable since Ben can only do a dinner consisting of meat. What's wrong with this picture.  
We ate to close to my soccer game time. I was gonna skip dinner to play and eat later... Good thing I didn't or I would have missed out. Plus I had to deal with soccer KAOS stuff. Had a couple players not register and doing all I can to keep that core group together.  Hope it worked. 

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