Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday fun day

I love waking up to the sound of Soft voices whispering so they won't wake me. Haha not in my house. Everyone is screaming at 6 am. Where is the brush? Give me some blanket!! as the girls curl up in my floor playing tug of war with a sheet. Chaos. But really I love lazy Fridays when I take Sydney and peyton to school. There is less yelling than on the mornings Ben needs to be out of the house at 630. I make a good breakfast for them. Today it was breakfast burritos. Egg, cheese, beans. Yumm. Kamren woke up and got to show off for his sisters. He loves getting himself dresses now. We danced and sang. DIG TWO. Kamren gets down.
I got a little extra cuddle time with the three amigos... And they got to school on time. Score one for me

Last night we baked cupcakes for Bianca's friends birthday. The girls minus Bianca helped mix, pour and bake but she did frost those six for the birthday boy. Nice job kiddos.

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