Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little things

Being appreciated. Yes it's easy to do and I'm sure we can all do a little more appreciating.

Last night for example. I did five loads of laundry only to empty each clean basket into the foyer. I asked Sydney and Peyton to put their clothes away. A couple hours later I hear Sydney throwing a fit and Bianca yelling and chaos. An hour later I go upstairs to find Bianca and Peyton folding and putting all of the clothes away. So I say. Thank you so much for doing the laundry, I really appreciate when you help me out especially just because you want to. It makes me smile. Peyton also helped me hang and put away all of Kamrens clothes. It was very sweet.

My rant comes next. I was asked to creat a 20x30 poster for a campaign at work. They wanted a rush job. Everyone has a rush job. No one wants to go through the process set in place. She needed it in 2 weeks. Yes me to jump into a creative state to whip out posters for a password reset tool. I really had my plate full with other assignments so Andy said he could help out and after discussion and a couple meetings with the client we decide it can be done. Our design is simple and I won't go into the whole thing but we rush to photograph models and create the poster. It's awesome. They want changes. The changes ruin it for me. II make some of the changes and convince them to stick with my tag line. This article about said campaign is set to go out Monday morning. It's Friday. Still waiting for the OK to print on poster. I call them. It slipped her mind to tell me OK to print even though this is a rush and I emailed her twice. So I send to print 7 posters 20x30 and mounted in foam. I said they will be ready Wednesday. She says ok. Then it's time for me to leave Friday. Wait I need the PHOTO the girl in poster #2 as a web sized small tiny thumbnail for the article. So I stay LATE to complete.

Monday no article. Tuesday no article. I email them to see what's up. I worked my ass off to make this happen. R never responds. Finally I get a response from F saying yes they still need the posters Wednesday. So D rushes to mount them I hand deliver. F is very happy. Next day. No article still. No posters on display in every entrance at work. Email from R

There was a delay in the article. My manager wants the poster a thumbnail for the web. Not just the girl like I said before. I need it today. Article will post Monday and posters will display Monday.

Me. Steam coming from ears. Bitch I ain't doing it. HaHaHa. So angry. Not one thank you for all your hard work. Posters look awesome. No nothing. My cup is empty. I do not like R do not want to bust my ass again for R or anyone.

A great walk, coffee, venting and at the end of the day I will give her the web version for her article. Or maybe I will give it to her COB Friday. Or maybe I won't do it at all. I did email her saying I'm swamped I will try to get to it. Which meant. Bitch I don't care and you no longer matter to me.

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