Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June is gone

Yep, it's been a month since I've blogged.  I started a whole bunch of posts, but I was having trouble downloading, uploading pictures to blogger....  I gave up.   But now that things have slowed down for a week... I'm back in the saddle.

The month of June had us busy and wishing for a vacation - we had a routine down and it couldn't get better than that, could it?  We had lots of breakfast dates with our pal Soccer Jim, we had swimming lessons every day for a month, we hit the gym every day for working out and more swimming.  I felt a lil stressed from all the running around.  waking up at 630, taking daddy to the train, getting home and fixing breakfast, nursing Kamren, getting 3 kids dressed, sunblocked, teeth brushed, hair brushed and out the door with all the necessary things for the day....  I only forgot the beach towels one time....  Yay  :)  Hit the swimming pool for some lessons, then lunch, then the gym for more swimming and maybe a workout, from the gym it was time to pick daddy up and get home to make dinner.  I was exhausted by 430 and ready for bed, but when your nursing there is no luxury of sleep.  Don't get me wrong - Kamren is an amazing baby who loves his sleep like his mama and sister Sydney.  Bed time is 10 o clock and first wake up call has been 545, it's like sleeping through the night. 

So June is a blurr of going to breakfast @ the Orphan, which has become #1 in my book, hitting up the Ugly Mug for some breakfast as well, the coffee was terrible, but the company is always good.  Picnic lunches at the park and playdates with friends and trips to the movies.  I think I have some pictures somewhere.  I haven't been as good at getting pictures off my camera as in years passed.  I think the combination of 4 kids, 3 under 5 and 1 nursing has taken a toll on the memory and the camera snapping...  not easy to snap away when you have a kid on the boob, on your lap or one whinning or fighting with another....  did i mention i love being a stay at home mom for the summer?  I do.. really I do..  I'll be on vacation come September when I head back to the rat race. 

lets find some pictures to blog

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