Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Combat Crawl

Kamren has been scooting for awhile now (a few weeks) but now he is doing his own version of the combat crawl, grab and drag.... He grabs the carpet, blanket, a toy and drags himself forward....  he did the whole backwards moving and realized he didn't like it much....  So the last few weeks he's been putting his knees under himself and he'd lock his arms and lift himself up (not at the same time) and now he's doing this combat crawl and putting his knees under him, and almost moving like a snake forward...  *lol*  it's great....  put him on the floor (he loves it) and he just goes...  time to get gates and start the toddler proofing...  it's way to soon for this... isn't it? 

Everytime I pull the video camera out... Kamren decides he loves what he's playing with and won't scoot, crawl or roll....   I need to hide the camera so he doesn't know I'm getting him on video.  Time to go buy a bunch of DVD's to video tape.  I'm going to hire the girls to video for me.... Maybe he'll show off for them.

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