Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playdate in Gold River

Donovan decided he wanted to sleep over - Yep slumber party with Bianca, Sydney and Peyton.  He never wants to stay because Uncle Ben is known to scare and torment young kids....  who then have nightmares....  so we were excited to have him come spend the night.  The kids played video games, played school, and ran around like animals with Kallie.  Donovan tried to walk the dog in the backyard, she decided she wanted to walk him instead, fun times in Kallie's Kennel.

We hit up the park in Gold River for some fun in the sun.  Kamren slept the entire date while Sydney, Peyton, Donovan, Dominic and Devin road slides, climbed cobwebs and posed for the camera. My camera had a battery malfunction so I only got a few pictures.

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