Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The girls loved swimming lessons.  4 weeks of early trips to the pool, some mornings it was chilly, a couple times it rained, but for the most part the girls couldn't wait to see their teachers and learn how to put their monster arms, superman arms, face in the water and bobs together to make a swimming machine.  Peyton caught on quickly, by the 3rd week she was swimming like a champion.  Sydney preferred to keep her feet on the ground, and face above water, but she's got the bob down really well now.  Peyton can now do the crawl stroke (or is it freestyle now) face in the water, big monster arms and kicking those feet.  She can come up for air and then swim like a dolphin under water.  She'd rather leave the life jacket at home.  Sydney would rather dog paddle, because getting her hair and face wet (she is wearing goggles) isn't appealing.  I think I need to sign them up for another round of GUPPIES.  I've been thinking....  saving up my vacation for a summer off...  not a bad investment.  I'm loving it.

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