Sunday, April 03, 2011

Things are about to get chaotic

Monday Ben goes back to work.  So life as we know it is going to change.  For better or for worse, it's gonna happen.  Me, Sydney, Peyton and Kamren are going to be on our own.  Am I afraid?  Who wouldn't be.  Do you know these kids? :)

We have a full day scheduled for tomorrow, weather permitting.  First thing.  Breakfast, can't start the day without it.  I'm thinking bacon, eggs, toast, no hash browns, darn it.  Bianca wants me to wake up early and make her a mushroom omelet, doesn't she know that I'm up every couple hours, sometimes for up to2 hours... awake.. no sleep, it's really hard on the body and mind. 

We've got company coming around 1030, so that gives us a lil time to get ready.  I've showered the last couple days... and still not gotten around to washing my hair, yep, I'm gonna have dreadlocks in a minute. 

Wednesday Bianca and I are finally getting our hair cut.  (thought cut short.. not our hair) - I hear someone crying... it's Sydney, new bedtime and bedtime rituals were starting tonight... they were supposed to be in bed by 830... it's almost 9 and we have yet to brush their teeth.  At least they got showered and their hair washed.  I know they are on their way upstairs to get PJ's, teeth and hair brushed...  lil feet running.  Well hello sunshine

A long nature walk, the girls in jeeps or maybe bikes, and Kamren in the stroller.  Peyton wants to do art projects tomorrow, so gotta see what I come up with.  Please give us some beautiful weather, we want sunshine and heat :)

Kamren should be waking up in 30 minutes.... and then it's one long nursing session and down to bed he and I are going.  I didn't get a nap today, but I needed one.  Kamren had about 8 naps.

Hopefully  tomorrow while everyone naps I can start designing Kamren's baby announcement.  I think I finally found some pictures.  Wish me luck.  Nite

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