Wednesday, April 06, 2011

SAHM Day 2

Today Ben changed Kamren before he left for the day, me and Kamren went back to bed til 830 and then we got up to meet the day.  Sydney and Peyton were up a lil bit afterwards.  We got dressed and headed downstairs, Soccer Jim was coming over for coffee at 9. 

I didn't want to start the coffee til he got there, but of course he was right on time, so I could have started it and the coffee still would have been fresh when he arrived.  He had his 3 oz of coffee, not sure he's supposed to have that, but it was his dialysis day and he was going to get the fluid taken off at 2.

We had a good visit, I made breakfast for the girls, breakfast burritos - bacon, egg and cheese.  One of their favorites. After breakfast they ran out back to play pirates and chase Kallie.  They have been enjoying this sunshine.  Soccer Jim finally got to hold Kamren, he didn't hold him long, but Kamren didn't even cry, guess SJ didn't want to give him a chance to cry. 

After SJ left, we got ready and headed out for a nature hike, this time the girls decided to walk, and bring their backpacks so they could find rocks as well.  Of course I got stuck carrying the backpacks full of rocks, rocks they intend to paint on Wednesday.  Good thing we have a lil storage under the stroller.  The girls got tired pretty quickly when they were hauling the rocks on their backs. 

We headed over to check out where the new park is going to be, we got almost there and the girls were ready to turn back.  Once we got home the girls counted and put their rocks away.  We had some lunch and watched Labyrinth, I tried to get a lil nap with Kamren, but all I got was 30 minutes.  After the movie we went back out to play.  We have to get our outdoors activities in before Thursday, it's going to rain.

Ben and Bianca are at her soccer game against Mira Loma, Ben said Bianca doesn't get to play this game.  I bet that's a fun game to watch.  I hope he brings dinner tonight.

 Soccer Jim holdin Kamren
 close up
 Look - how funny, playing outside and both girls were captured doing the same move with the hair.  Maybe it's a signature move, or they are practicing for a commercial for hair.  Whatever it was, I couldn't help but post it.  I love the new hair cuts they got.  It's so easy to brush and style their hair in the mornings.

Kallie and her favorite broom - what a witch

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