Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday - release day

I thought we were staying in the hospital til Thursday or Friday.... to my surprise they discharged us on Wednesday afternoon. It seemed early to me, but I was hoping I'd feel more comfortable at home. The pain was crazy the first two days, I barely walked the halls, the pain was intense, a burning feeling, away from the incision, it felt like someone was burning my skin, and the only thing that helped were the meds and laying around. The RN said she thought it was from the tape they used to bandage me up, it was in place for a day, then the dressing came off in the shower... I think maybe I needed the dressing wetter, but it was wet when it was falling off... It brought me to tears right before the wheel chair ride to the car.... Yes, it was a ten and I was crying like a newborn.... with REAL tears...

Home sweet home... felt good to get home. My mother in law came over and helped out, very thankful for that. The girls were getting used to having their brother within reach, holding him and talking to him, it's so cute listening to their conversations with Kamren. They love seeing him smile or hearing him toot.... Yes, that boy can toot.. and poop... and he's a great aim with his hose... He's peed on Daddy a few times.... He peed on Bianca too... The first few days at home were good. hard not sleeping in a bed. I got to hold Kamren every night while he slept on my chest while I tried to sleep... hours here and there.. got used to that quickly. Not sure what I'd be doing if Ben wasn't home to help. He's been the best. He's the main diaper changer.... so eager to help with everything... and not complain to much. There's no way I could do diapers at this point...and Bianca finally changed her first few diapers... She's a pro now... The hardest thing about being home is the stairs.... I'm not allowed to do the stairs... they said to keep it to a minimum of a couple times a day and even that would be hard on my body..... So I only get to go up to shower...

At Kamren's 2 day appointment (Friday) he weighed in at 8 lbs 15 oz, 21 1/4 inches long. Dr Niazi said he looked great, a lil yellow still in the face and eyes, but it was looking good. We scheduled his Big C and weigh in.... Not looking forward to that.
Kamren's Godfather

Uncle Michael with Sydney, Kamren & Peyton

The godparents - Michelle & Michael

Daddy & Kam
Sydney shows off her big sister skills
big sisters lil bro

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