Wednesday, March 16, 2011

9 months later

Sydney lovin the mama and tummy
Peyton lovin the tummy and mama
39 weeks and counting
waiting patiently for 3.7.11

It was a wonderful nine months, I enjoyed listening to the kids talk to you (kamren) in my belly, feeling you kick, elbow and do flips, late night hiccups, early morning belly growls, and the quiet time sipping coffee and reading magines. I Love hearing Sydney and Peyton tell you"We love you baby, get healthy and strong in there, and get stronger than Daddy" Sometimes they were sad that they couldn't fit so well on my lap, but other times they both curled up around the big belly, and shared me. Ben was amazing with all the back and feet rubs, the girls were great at lathering me up with lotion, and Bianca joined in with all the back rubs and back scratching. Some days nine months felt really long, other times it felt short... okay, the end is never short. With 3 or 4 trial runs to Labor and Delivery... it was sad, getting so excited and thinking we were about to meet you, only to learn those contractions weren't actually doing much to get you engaged.... So the hard decision was made... not really that hard, I worried myself silly thinking of worse case scenarios, where you'd get distressed while I'm pushing and having to have an Emergency C Section... So the date was chosen for a planned C Section and 3.7.11 sounded like an amazing date to be born.... Those are some lucky numbers, had to make sure your dad didn't run off to Reno or Tahoe for some fun.

Bianca, Sydney and Peyton spend the night with Grandma and Papa, and I couldn't wait for them to meet you.

Knowing it was a planned birth, Tia Amy took off to be in the operating room with Daddy. She wanted to experience you being born as well. I had a hard time sleeping and woke up at 3 am, even though we weren't due to Mercy til 7 am... Amy and Daddy looked really cool in their scrubs. Me too!
Tug time, wondering what Kamren will look like
Pest Control? RN? Auntarazzi?
Ghost Buster? Mechanic? Nervous Daddy?
Align Center
The prep work started at 7, when they poked the needle in to start the IV.... i erupted like a volcano... blood squirted across the room, on my clothes, soaked through one of the blue squares they use to keep the bed clean..... She said I have GREAT VEINS.. I guess the ones with lots of blood are good. Ya gotta have blood to live.

you weren't scheduled to be born til 9... that got pushed to 10 because the assistant Dr Brodie was delivering another baby at Sutter... Finally we rolled into the OR and I met the nurses and anesthesiologist. Everyone was great. I got the spinal and it started to work quickly, my legs were cold and suddenly they were warm and I couldn't feel them. Amy and Daddy came in once I was tied down and ready. I felt a lil nautious but the dr took care of that. Daddy and Amy sat on stools near my head, watching and talking to me. It seemed to take a long time... I could feel tugging and pushing and the dr's talking. Dr Gregg said you were really high up, not even close to shooting out on your own. When she finally got you out, 18 minutes after 10. She said you were huge, she gave us a peek at you, and I must confess you looked like you were 2 months old, not newly born. You were chubby with long arms and legs *lol* Our lil monkey, and a full head of hair, it looked dark and curly, but after they cleaned you up and weighed you.... your hair was lighter, a brown, and you weighed a whooping 9lbs 8 oz, 21 inches long.... (or 21 1/4 inches) unless you grew 1/4 inch in 4 days (at your next weigh in).

Introducing....Kamren Davis Avila
1st peek = love @ 1st sight
lookin good Kamren
It's cold.... where's my warm bath?

The Crew

Daddy and Amy walked over to take pictures and watch over you while the nurses checked your weight, apgar score and whatever else. They snuck a peek of me getting sewed up too. Amy said she saw your home (my uterus) laying on the table, soakin up the sun *lol* It took about 30 minutes to get me all back together, and stitched up. We spent 2 hours in the recovery room, and only daddy had his phone.... So while we did some skin to skin bonding, you learning to nurse and me admiring you, I think you looked just like Bianca when she was born, and the more I looked at you, the more I think you look like daddy. Yep, I think you look like daddy, minus the black hair....daddy sent some messages out to let everyone know you arrived, 10 fingers, 10 toes and weighing more than Bianca... cuz she held the title til you burst into the world.
a yawn
skin to skin
a fuchi face
smile for the camera

By noon we were in our room and Grandma, Papa, Sydney and Peyton were the first to arrive to visit, followed by Tio Martin and Tia Carmen. Sydney and Peyton couldn't wait to see you and hold you, they thought you were the most handsome boy ever. Just born and already have the girls fighting over you *lol* Nana came to visit in the evening, she had you all to herself, rocking you and chatting you up.

Tia Amy, Sydney, Kamren, Peyton
Papa, Peyton, Kamren, Gma, Sydney
Peyton & Kamren
Sydo & Kamren

My 3 girls w~ Kamren Davis

Bianca rocks her lil bro

Bianca had a soccer game, so she arrived late, but couldn't wait to hold you, stinky and all. I think she only got 13 minutes that game, but she played the next day almost the entire game... and scored 2 goals for you... El Camino even won. I think she dedicated that game to you *lol*

The day and night was really long. Because you were so big, they had to do 4 heel pricks, one every hour to check your blood sugar levels.... they were good numbers each time, so that was a relief. Around 1130 the nurse came and took you to watch you so Dad and I could sleep some. It felt so good to get a couple hours of sleep. You came back happy to eat and stare at us.

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